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June 2022

Jeremy Redman, Founder V/One - #14Watch now (99 min) | How Anyone Can Become Successful With The Right People Surrounding Them

May 2022

Hector Reyes, Coda Creator Part I - #12Watch now (180 min) | The Ownership Economy Podcast: Special Coda Edition
The Dixon Tapes, Part IIWatch now | The Rise and Fall of Dixon Brooks
Falling price of Bitcoin, Silk Road Scams, Fixing the Baby Formula CrisisWatch now (86 min) | The Dixon Brooks Tapes: Vol. I
Manan Mehta - #9Watch now | The No-Code Guru of Glide Apps
Part II with Andy WingraveWatch now (63 min) | The Ownership Economy Podcast (Part 2/4)
Andy Wingrave - Part IWatch now (62 min) | The No-Code Automation Guru

April 2022

From Selling The First No-Code Business to Scaling Airtable into a UnicornWatch now (94 min) | How these experiences shaped a new thesis in venture capital
Confronting the Co-Founder of PROCESIO: A tool that can be used by any company or individualHow Darzan Mihai boostrapped PROCESIO since 2011 to raising their first seed funding round in 2020 to build the MVP. In August 2021, they launched…

March 2022

General frameworks and insights for discussing the topic.
How Stackby Has Become One of the Most Popular No-Code Tools Against All Odds [Video]Today's guest is Rachit Khator, the Founder and CEO of Stackby. Stackby combines spreadsheets, databases, cell-level API's, and automations. It has…