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Confronting the Co-Founder of PROCESIO: A tool that can be used by any company or individual

How Darzan Mihai boostrapped PROCESIO since 2011 to raising their first seed funding round in 2020 to build the MVP. In August 2021, they launched publicly, and now have a team of 16 employees.

If you have been thinking of starting your own business but your limiting beliefs are BIGGER than yourself? Let me share with you this startup success story.


In the latest episode of the In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy Podcast, we are joined by Darzan Mihai, the man behind PROCESIO. He will be sharing the behind-the-scene of bootstrapping a successful start-up business.

In  July 2020, Procesio set out to raise a €400,000 round to fund their vision for their No-Code Platform as a Service for non-technical people, empowering companies to adjust faster to market changes, with lower costs, using existing business personnel.

PROCESIO raised €525,000 from 74 investors, far exceeding their goal.

Watch the conversation now and learn how to build a successful start-up!

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Missing this episode means missing some great thoughts from Darzan 🤦🏻, so you better check it out now and be the first person to know when an exciting episode drop n the future.

“You really need to set straight, what are your values and what you want to accomplish? And if you have set that straight with yourself, not with other people, but with yourself, I think that you can be focused. So need you really need to understand what are the values within your life, and how much do you value each of the things that you are working for” - Darzan Mihai

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