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Manan Mehta - #9

The No-Code Guru of Glide Apps

New podcast episode with the 'GURU OF GLIDE APPS' a.k.a the NO-CODE EXPERT: Manan Mehta! Manan is known for being one of the top (if not the top) Glide experts in the world.

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His company — Modernizing Processes — has the most Glide Experts of any team in the world (I believe!) and have delivered some of the most complex no-code & low-code apps that we have ever seen. Manan was also part of On Deck No Code (cohort #2) and has already taught some of the classes he was supposed to be a student in (seriously!).

Manan is also a good friend and a great human being. Hear his journey learning no-code and building his first business using Benchmark backed: Glide Apps!

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The Jonathan Kogan Show
The Jonathan Kogan Show