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Crypto exposed the power of The Ownership Economy, and more specifically, ownership-as-a-tool to drive users to contribute to protocols they use in deeper ways.

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Now, the opportunity is to follow the pattern, and build more accessible products (and protocols) that bootstrap adoption and participation through better economic alignment between users and stakeholders (for the first time in history!).

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This is the modernization of education.

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“Ownership is a powerful motivator for users — in ways we have never seen before.”

For example, incentives and rewards to contribute to products and ecosystems in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Whether it’s with ideas, knowledge resources, building, or community engagement — there is a spot for everyone.

This more cooperative economic model helps ensure unprecedented alignment with users — or consumers — over time, resulting in platforms that can be larger, more resilient, and more innovative than anything we’ve seen to this point (and that says a lot, right?!).

It’s an exciting time to be a human being on planet earth in 2022!

“This is the Ownership Economy, and beyond being a positive social endeavor, the platforms building it are able to leverage the strongest form of market incentives to grow network effects.

While this concept is mostly seen in crypto now, The Ownership Economy is expanding to other areas in business and technology. Innovation is inevitable.

Here are some resources to help get you started.

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So, to fully comprehend the fundamentals, as well as the reason why, we only need to look at recent history and observe how the emergence of new protocols in Web3 have [already] exposed new, disruptive business models that, when productized (and prioritized!), have the potential to influence worldwide cultural trends for the first time in human history and that will go on to impact billions.

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It benefits everyone and follows my ‘relationship rule’ of always having a win, win, win situation amongst all parties involved.

This is exactly that in practice and it’s available to any human being who wants to be in the community.

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Regardless of your reasoning, the only requirements are that you treat everyone with respect (no exceptions!) and consume or participate in the parts of the ecosystem that you enjoy.

“You are the owner of your own destiny (why not make the best of it with the best people along the way?). I can’t think of any good reason myself!”

So, come on in!

We accept you for who you are and we are here to help you in anyway we can — all you need to do is ask and we will always be there for you!

“Be part of a community of people (and maybe A.I. Bots in a few years!) who share your interests and want to collaborate. 99.9% of people are good people and it just so happens that this community consists of 100% of them.”

The idea of user ownership is at the core of the success that we have seen over the past decade, such as, Bitcoin and Ethereum, which were the very first user-owned innovation and operated networks at-scale. It’s changing the world in a big way.

You are probably asking a one-word question:


Here’s the core answer to that very good question you asked:

Rather than a platform’s owners, founders, and investors taking home all the value, users of these new networks and platforms are able to earn the majority of value created from their collective contributions.

“Isn’t that how it should be?”

That leads me to the last quote (and point):

“We think there is a thirst for this — we are seeing it right now — but we also believe that this is the most fair, and beneficial infrastructure for the internet.”

Whether you agree with this thesis or not, that doesn’t matter right now. What matters right now is having the courage to become educated on these wildly new, unintuitive approaches on building value in the business world so that you can form your own opinion with the most high quality, easily-digestible information available.

And that’s why this journey began.

We want to play as much of a positive role as we can to help you learn these concepts because at the foundation is something uniquely special, and universally true.

What is it you ask?

If people are able to infuse their true, authentic creativity into this world — in whatever form that might be in — and earn a good living from creating what they love to create (and create anyways), then we are convinced this will make millions of people more happy, provide them with more freedom (specifically time management), and all of that will compound into a new era where individuals across the world have the same access to opportunities, which means, no longer are the days where the country you were born in without any choice inhibiting you from prosperity, or regardless of your race, religion, sex, you have the exact same starting line as everyone else in the world.

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If you’re born in Manhattan to a wealthy family or in Africa to a poor family, everyone will soon have access to the internet and a smart phone, and that’s all you need to start. So, for the first time in history, the “winners” will truly be whoever is the best at their craft because equal access to opportunities — especially education — makes our world one, unified playing field.

Let the best human beings win.

Ready. Set. GO!

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