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In Case You Forgot: A Podcast on the Ownership Economy Featuring Founder Rachit Khator

If you believe in a more equitable internet, aspire to become a full-time Creator, or want to learn more about the Ownership Economy

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In Case You Forgot is the top podcast on the most important, trending topics with the most interesting Creators, Makers, and Entrepreneurs. We love the Creator Economy, Crypto, No-Code, and the future of Web3. Crypto exposed the power of the Ownership Economy, and more specifically, ownership-as-a-tool to drive users to contribute to protocols they use in deeper ways. Now, the opportunity is to follow the pattern, build more accessible products, and educate.
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Stackby Founder & CEO: Rachit Khator

In today’s episode of Incase You Forgot Podcast, we are joined by Stackby Founder and CEO Rachit Khator.

Stackby = A better way to create tools that fit you and your company’s needs.

Back in 2016, Rachit Khator was working for a Fortune 500 in the US, struggling with spreadsheets to manage our work. We were using it left, right, and center to manage all our internal workflows.

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With an eye out to better organize our data, collaborate with our team, and automate our processes, Rachit bumped into better spreadsheets, CRMs, and Project Management Tools. Only to realize that these tools don't allow you to customize your workflows the way you want.

After interacting with over 500 professionals across industries, Rachit Khator concluded that most people from Analysts to Managers to Directors and even CEOs, still heavily rely on spreadsheets to organize their work.

With that, an idea emerged: How about we build a tool that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet but empowers non-technical users to create their own software the way they want? 

Tune in to this podcast and learn how Rachit Khator started Stackby and empowered over 10,000 companies in 150+ countries to create their own no-code tools & manage their work in a much better way!


[05:42] What is Stackby?

[09:25] The History of Spreadsheet

[15:24] A problem in 2017 not just for the emerging profession but the rest of the world

[18:20] Things you should know about API’S

[26:40] How Stackby is different from all other table platforms

[01:00:20] How Stackby started and the influences behind it

[01:20:00] The advantage of having the right people in the right place

[01:28:00] Sacrifices made for Stackby

[01:28:00] How Rachit keeps his people motivated

[01:34:14] Stackby’s Approach in hiring, partnerships, content collaboration, and co-marketing

[1:57:35] What you should look forward to from Stackby

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