A New Podcast: The Intro

Starting a new podcast is hard. Here’s the beginning of my journey.


Podcast Production

In the New Era of Work

Is not my thing. It’s hard. It’s time consuming, and quite honestly, I’m not best suited for the job. That’s why I’ve partnered up with someone — whose name I won’t mention until I have permission — who has quite the experience with this stuff. However, I’m confident enough to share that next week will be the official Week 1 launch and we will continue until there’s no people left who want to talk with us! 🤷‍♂️

We have been recording fantastic podcasts with phenomenal guests, but because of everything that goes into editing, branding, and producing the best content in terms of most favorable for the guest (that’s our little niche: to create brand assets across each social platform, long-form video, clips, audio, etc) so they can use the content as their own as if it was their podcast!

Co-Host & Friend: Yash Tekriwal (Thank you!)

Huge shout out to my Co-Host and friend, Yash Tekriwal, for all your support! 🙏

Of course this isn’t anything “genius-like” by any means, but at least it provides some value in return to the huge favor of someone taking the time to jump on a new podcast and have such authentic, valuable conversations.

Listen to the podcast anywhere!

In fact, the feedback from the interview today — with a Founder & Investor currently building one of the coolest low-code tools in the space — said that the conversation was excellent and that the way the questions were asked led to a cohesive discussion that all startup founders would benefit from!

E2: Stackby Founder Rachit Khator

When I asked for the “real” feedback, meaning, please just tell me all the negatives because I usually know what went well, he not only said there weren’t any from the interview (there was for my poor scheduling abilities which I’ll improve), but as a self proclaimed “extreme critic” who is the master of pointing out all the bad things, there was nothing to share! So, I took that as a good thing as well as a sign that perhaps we are heading in the right direction.

Podcasts are very difficult to be consistent with, however, I feel that I’m personally best at creating “audio content” as a Creator. That’s what I’ve always been told I was good at: talking! So, after 6 interviews so far, I can say that it’s been a blast doing these and I’m so appreciative to every guest who has already come on and also for being so flexible with the conversation (we didn’t have a specific time frame planned; we stopped when it was genuinely over), which I hope the audience will appreciate too.

E4: Angular Ventures Partner: David Peterson

The first few went over 2 hours — event though it felt like 30 minutes — and a video that long can’t be uploaded to Substack in one piece because of the file size. Same with the audio files, too. Of course, we are going to utilize all platforms as we are platform-agnostic and simply want to do whatever is best for you.

The user experience must be completely frictionless and then hopefully the content is valuable to those interested in crypto, business, creator economy, entrepreneurship, no-code/low-code, venture capital, and web3.

If you multiplied those all together, you get: The Ownership Economy!


I’m excited and nervous to start making everything public, on the internet (forever), but I’m much more excited to continue on this journey and talk with the most interesting people in these spaces because there’s so much we can learn from them.

My hope is that these will be entertaining, but at the same time, educational so that anyone in a similar space or have similar aspirations as the guest, can take way real, practical advice on a regular basis to improve their business, their careers, and even their personal lives.

E3: Low-Code Agency Founder Jesus Vargas

I know I’ve learned a ton already and I hope that it travels much further and much wider as we continue to shed light on super innovative topics that are also extremely important for everyone in the “working class” to learn more about because these technological shifts — as big as these — are few and far between (the last one being the internet); so let’s change that “fear” mindset of what is coming via artificial intelligence, automation, and instead have a “curious” mindset to make these changes into an abundance of opportunities rather than a massive loss of jobs.

These changes will be good for humanity, and with the help of my guests, I want to convince all you skeptics!

Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to sharing these incredible conversations with all of you guys and gals tomorrow! ❤️

Until tomorrow! :)