From Selling The First No-Code Business to Scaling Airtable into a Unicorn

How these experiences shaped a new thesis in venture capital

David Peterson, Angular Ventures

How to sell your No-Code business, build a Growth Team at Airtable, and become a “first money in” General Partner at Angular Ventures with David Peterson

David is a Partner at Angular Ventures.

Prior to joining Angular, David was employee #16 at Airtable, where he led growth and partnerships - developing full-stack GTM strategies for Airtable’s many use cases and building relationships with product, channel and startup ecosystem partners.

“During David’s tenure, Airtable scaled to over 500 employees, grew from zero to 200,000 customers, and reached a $5.77B valuation.”

Before Airtable, David spent time as a seed stage investor at Founder Collective and bootstrapped Steward, a scalable on-demand consulting business.

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Prior to that, he was employee #7 at CompStak, a commercial real estate data startup based in New York City, where he led the company’s domestic expansion efforts.

Share Ownership Economy

David focuses on B2B and enterprise software for founders looking to raise capital in the earliest days of a startups lifecycle.

Sometimes he will invest before incorporation, but their unique approach has served them well so far. Here are some of his first investments as a newly minted “Venture Capitalist”:

Portfolio Engagement at Angular Ventures

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